COVID-19 vaccines are being administered nationwide

North Carolina is now permitting Group 3 vaccinations. 

You may want to develop a company policy at your firm.

We have secured a number of documents targeted to answer your questions and communicate your policy to your employees.
Note that the mandatory compliance letters are samples only and we are not advocating for any particular position on the vaccines.

Please review the attached and let us know if you have any questions.

COVID-19 FAQ’s For Employers – pdf (94kb)

Facts About COVID-19 Vaccinations – pdf (500kb)

Facts About COVID-19 Vaccinations (Spanish) – pdf (500kb)

Employer’s Mandatory Vaccine Letter – Word DOCX – (23kb)

Employer’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy – Word DOCX – (41kb)

Employer’s Overview Of COVID-19 Vaccines – Word DOCX – (300kb)

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