Find the most advantageous and cost-effective employee benefits plan to support your business.


EBMG will make understanding plan design much easier. We will assist you in evaluating all of the different variables including co-payments, deductibles, coinsurance, and prescription drug benefits. We will help you decide if a traditional co-pay plan or a consumer driven healthcare (CDHC) plan (often called a health savings account or HSA plan) is better for your employees and your business. If you choose a CDHC plan, we can help you with establishing HSAs and/or health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). We can also make sure your plans are compliant by getting your Section 125, FSA, and/or HRA plan documents from one of our working partners.


EBMG will help you find affordable dental and/or vision plans for your employees. These plans can be employer-paid, voluntary/100% employee-paid, or a combination. We work with many ancillary carriers, so we can help you select the right plans for your needs.


EBMG works with hundreds of financially stable life insurance companies (as measured by A.M. Best, Moody’s and Standard & Poors). We will ensure that our clients secure the most economical financial products that will be there down the road when they need them. We can arrange both group and individual plans. Group plan options include standard group term life, group voluntary supplemental life, and (carve-out) executive life insurance. Executive plans can encompass cross purchase agreements, key person life insurance, and company owned life insurance (COLI). Individual plans can include term life, permanent life plans with long term care riders, mortgage repayment insurance, child insurance, and guaranteed issue plans with no medical questions.


Disability insurance is one of the most important, yet overlooked, types of insurance. Meanwhile, 65% of the workforce will become disabled at some point during their career. It is important to consider the impact of what would happen if you or an employee were unable to work for a month, or longer – and equally important to plan ahead to mitigate that risk. EBMG can help you understand coverage alternatives and attain the right disability plan for your needs, and the needs of your employees. We can arrange employer-funded or voluntary/100% employee-paid plans, including short term disability (STD), long term disability (LTD), supplemental management or “carve out” LTD, and key person plans. We can also arrange supplemental individual LTD coverage, as well as business owner overhead insurance.


We work with AFLAC, Allstate, Colonial, and others to offer additional 100% employee-paid benefits to your employees, which comes at no cost to you. These worksite benefits allow employees to fill the gaps in the core benefits to help pay for copays, deductibles and emergency care. 


We partner with a number of top TPAs and consultants to help you with additional property and business insurance, management, and planning needs. While we assist you with total program administration, we can arrange a complete outsource for Cobra/NC continuation, human resources, retirement planning, legal and compliance issues. We can assist you with plan documentation for your Section 125, flexible spending, HRA or HSA plans.

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